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Dec 27,  · Common Stern Tube Seal Types. Labyrinth Seals. The general working principle of Labyrinth seals is to create a series of barriers that gradually reduce pressure such that the final seal is not subject to a large volume of sealing media at these higher pressures. The DryMax ® Stern Tube Seal System was designed, built and test-ed by Duramax Marine® in the USA. The seal is a water-lubricated axial shaft seal system constructed of the highest quality materials which have been engineered to deliver long service life. The DryMax® Shaft Seal is . ;¨¨ 7)%07 %2(&)%+7;ÈvxwmpÈ 7iepw erh &ievmrkw irlergiw xli fywmriww sj mxw gywxsqivw f] tvszmhmrk mrxikvexih w]wxiqw tegoekiw erh tvshygxw.

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This document is part of Appendix A, and includes the Stern Tube Seals and. Underwater Bearing Lubrication: Nature of Discharge for the “Phase I Final Rule. χ Face seals χ Composite bearings χ R&D facilities. WÈrtsilÈ Spain S.A.. Vigo & PorriÕo χ Stern tubes, White metal bearings χ Line shaft & Thrust bearings. Simplex shaft seal. A very common arrangement for oil lubricated stern tube bearings. A simplex seal arrangement is fitted to both inner and outer ends. Stern Tube Seals. Kobelco Marine Stern Tube seal installation. This document, and more, is available for download from Martin's Marine Engineering Page. [A] Installation. binifresh.comtion before seal installation. Make sure there is no serious damage on the surface of propeller shaft sleeve and bulk head in which the.

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stern tube seal

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