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Soul Eater is an amazing manga, and parts of the anime are also amazing, but the ending just feels super-generic and cliche compared to the rest of the series - which is very original. The whole "emotional moment" thing is a time-tested shonen trope, but that whole "courage" thing just made me want to puke. The Soul Eater franchise has expanded to two individual series, both having their own composed themes and complete soundtracks. This a list of all the various songs featured in any media where Soul Eater is the focus, including the main Soul Eater anime/games as well as the anime adaptation of Soul Eater . Aug 27,  · Soul Eater Ending? Am i the only one who thinks that it was disappointing how Soul Eater ended, like really Maka killed the Kishin by using Bravery like come on even The Grim Reaper couldnt beat him (well he could of if the kishin didnt fight dirty and tried to kill kid) And also Soul isnt even a death scythe yet, Followers: 1.

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Style. Vocals: Nishino Kana Lyrics: Nishino Kana Composition: Maeda Kazuhiko Arrangement: Maeda Kazuhiko If you and I begin To knock on. Style is the second ending to the Soul Eater anime. It is performed by Kana Nishino and ran from Episodes 14 to A different version is shown in Episode 22, with child versions of Maka Albarn and Crona. Soul Eater tells the story about the students in the Death Weapon Meister Academy. The school is running by Shinigami for those special humans with the ability. Soul Eater, lyrics,song lyrics,music lyrics,lyric songs,lyric search,words to song, song words,anime music,megumi [Submit a song for Soul Eater] 2nd Ending. This a list of all the various songs featured in any media where Soul Eater is the focus, Style is the second ending theme, sung by Kana Nishino and played.

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