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Before importing the Final Cut Pro X XML file into DaVinci Resolve, you can choose between a few different color grading workflows. If you edited with Apple ProRes (HQ) or Apple ProRes in Final Cut Pro X, you may want to grade these same files in DaVinci Resolve. Apple ProRes is a high quality (although still lossy) video compression format developed by Apple Inc. for use in post-production that supports up to 8K. It is the successor of the Apple Intermediate Codec and was introduced in with Final Cut Studio 2. It is widely used as a final format delivery method for HD broadcast files in commercials, features, Blu-ray and streaming. Feb 11,  · I have downloaded the Apple ProRes codecs but don't see the Proxy Setting that came with Final Cut X. Does anyone know what the settings are so I can make it from scratch? I'm trying to make a Proxy version for editing on a MacBook Pro.

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Learn about current and previous Final Cut Pro X updates. New in Final Cut Pro RED camera support with native REDCODE RAW editing up to 5K and optional transcode to Apple ProRes or ProRes Proxy. Final Cut Pro X () gives us choices to transcode, optimize, render and share Transcoding to the ProRes codec provides better performance during. We knew that as long as FCPX has created the Proxies in the first place However even using the half-res x ProRes Proxies, the files to send really tiny proxy files into the cloud, for the paranoid studio that needs. “The editors found an efficient solution in ProRes (Proxy), a new version of the Apple ProRes codec introduced with Final Cut Pro 7. Previous versions of Final Cut Pro came equipped with ProRes and ProRes (HQ). In addition to those codecs, Final Cut Pro 7 has added ProRes

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Final Cut Pro X in Under 5 Minutes: Red Raw Workflow

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