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is very similar to the PROC PRINT table we modi-fied earlier. Once again, we’re going to change the heading font. We do this with the exact same technique as we used for PROC PRINT. We add a STYLE(Header)= option to the PROC REPORT statement. ODS HTML BODY=''; proc report data=tables nowd STYLE(Header)=[FONT_FACE=’Arial Narrow’];. Jul 31,  · > Darran Zenger asked > Is there a way to change the font size in Proc print? In Version you could use Options SASFONTSIZE=nn ; Under V8 and ODS, I think you would have to get into styles and templates. The LABEL statement associates a label with each variable for the duration of the PROC PRINT step. When you use the SPLIT= option in the PROC PRINT statement, the procedure uses labels for .

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To make specific changes to PROC PRINT data cells or header cells or areas like the summary line, the OBSHEADER and the OBS numbers. PROC PRINT statement options: style(n) = {fontstyle=italic backgrouncolor= blue} style(header obs obsheader) = {backgrouncolor=yellow color=blue};. PROC PRINT and ODS: Teaching an Old PROC New Tricks styles, traffic lighting, PROC DOCUMENT to store and replay the output, the new SUMLABEL and . Attributes specify the report's colors, fonts, backgrounds, cell sizes, and so on. over style attributes, and you have a reporting pow- This paper will show how to change the fonts, col- Applying style attributes to PROC PRINT output is. Some examples of placing the STYLE= option on the PROC PRINT step include Write a PROC PRINT step to Control the size of the font on the TOTAL line.

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