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Jul 21,  · Lyrics for Pio Erotas Pethenis by Eleni Foureira. Ανασφάλειες έχουμε όλοι μα εσύ μάλλον το παρακάνεις προσπαθείς συνεχώς να με κάνεις να χτυ. Eleni Foureira (Ελένη Φουρέιρα) Πιο έρωτας πεθαίνεις (Pio Erotas Pethaineis) lyrics: Ανασφάλειες έχουμε όλοι / μα εσύ μάλλον το παρακάνεις / προσπαθείς συνεχ. Lyrics to 'Pio Erotas Pethaineis' by ELENI FOUREIRA: We all have insecurities / But you probably overdo / constantly trying to make me / to hit where it hurts / Do not forget everything to me / if you want to live a lie mesh /.

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Eleni Foureira is a Greek recording artist, singer, and dancer. She began her music career in . , Fashion Icon in a Video, "Pio erotas pethaineis", Won. 27 Απρ. Translation of 'Πιο έρωτας πεθαίνεις (Pio Erotas Pethaineis)' by Eleni Foureira ( Ελένη Φουρέιρα) from Greek to English.

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(Chipmunk) Eleni Foureira - Pio Erotas Pethaineis

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