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~URL based script recording each resources (Html and Non Html in the page) as a separate script. ~it is a network level recorded script. ~it is a context less sensitive recorded script. When the guy said he had recorded in html mode that means he must have selected the default option which is record within current step or other option. He must not have selected " do not record" option for non-html resources. His question is genuine. why does not load runner record allextra res while recording HTML mode? HTML/HTTP Level Settings (Recording Options): The HTML/HTTP level specifies the level at which the script has to be generated after recording. There are two options. HTML based script; URL based script; HTML based script: It generates a high level script based on the user actions. It provides options to filter requests that download non-html resources.

• Non html resources load runner software •

The VuGen recording settings identify non-resources by their MIME type. By default, only text/html and text/xml are identified as non-resources. This omits some . William Emmanuel Yu, Building software that scales since the 90s. Answered. Or click the New Additional Online Resources Documentation HP LoadRunner is HP's tool for application performance testing. LoadRunner .. Because Vusers are not reliant on client software, you can use Vusers to test. 5 days ago A Complete Overview of VuGen Script Recording Options in along with the main login HTML page, non-html resources like the images. How important is Download non-HTML resources option in Run-Time Settings? Software Testing and Quality Assurance Forums - Powered by vBulletin depends on what is required for your testing and how much load and the type of load. VUGen not only records scripts but also replays them (for only 1 Start Menu => HP Software => and then click on Virtual User Generator. .. Scripts are more scalable than HTML scripts because they require fewer resources.

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LoadRunner Tutorial #4 - Vugen Script Recording

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