L115a1 se for cs of diamonds

Diamonds are always measured in carat weight. One carat is the equivalent of 1/5 of a gram. Additionally, there are "" points in a carat, so that a "point" diamond would be described as a half-carat. Clarity. Almost every diamond will contain some blemishes, and inclusions formed during the course of its crystallization. In determining the quality of the cut, the diamond grader evaluates the cutter’s skill in the fashioning of the diamond. The more precise the cut, the more captivating the diamond is to the eye. View the complete tutorial on the American Gem Society’s patented Light Performance cut grade or learn more about diamond cut grading. 4 Cs Of Diamonds. Various characteristics of diamonds are graded and categorized by the diamond industry. To learn about diamonds is to first learn about the "four Cs" of diamonds -- the four characteristics which are considered the most important in determining a diamond's value.

• L115a1 se for cs of diamonds •

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