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May 02,  · By Cameron K McEwan on Tuesday 2 May Brought to you by Skype and BBC Worldwide, The Doctor Who Bot takes you on an interactive journey from historic London all the way to the moon of Triton and beyond! You will interact directly with the Doctor to find the six segments of The Key of Time – an ancient and powerful artefact that could decide the fate of the universe. The Doctor-bot is the centre of a six-part Doctor Who adventure called The Key to Time, where you will join everyone's favourite Gallifreyan Time Lord in search of the key's fragments – all of which have been scattered throughout space and time. The adventure takes place in a Skype chat between players and Doctor Who Justin Mahboubian-Jones. Tardisode. They were available on the BBC Doctor Who website free of charge, and on mobile phones by subscription. They were produced as an effort by the BBC to expand the reach of Doctor Who beyond the television series, and include footage not seen on television, and Directed by: Ashley Way.

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Description: A weekly uncensored Doctor Who podcast where we discuss every episode. .. Tom Baker (via Skype), Nicola Bryant, Sophie (Aldred) Henderson, Andrew Cartmel, Terry Molloy, Deborah Watling, Patricia Quinn, .. Tardisode 8. DW Tardisode 8 - "The Impossible Planet". A Guide to Classic Who references ( and other references) in New Who episodes and extras. A mini-episode (called a "Tardisode") design to advertise the upcoming " Mindwarp" (The Sixth Doctor) included the beastial Dorf who had. September 03, - Doctor Who, the series that helped make PBS pledge and back into online-only content (remember the Tardisodes?) Skype, etc. can share an enjoyable worldwide viewing experience together. Doctor Who fans can pilot the TARDIS as it careers through the depths of the space time vortex in the BBC's first ever arcade game, Doctor Who Time Vortex Doctor Who Tardisodes to your mobile . Sky, Skype, Smart Cities, smart speaker, Smartbooks, Smartphones, Smartwatches, Snapchat.

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Tardisodes: And Monsters

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