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Jan 18,  · AAC vs. Apple Lossless AAC stands for Advanced Audio Coding, and it is an audio format that is used to store analog sound into digital files that can be replayed on digital audio players. AAC was intended as a replacement for the MP3, and as such is a lossy audio format, where some of the sound information is removed in order to reduce the file 4/5(1). Jan 06,  · What's the reason for Apple Lossless taking less space than WAV when they both are "lossless"? Is WAV just a more primitive format? And I see on the forum that a lot of you like AAC. Will an audiophile with very good headphones be able to hear a difference between AAC and lossless? I use GradoLabs SR i headphones. Real happy with them! Nov 10,  · Te ALAC format option in iTunes is short for Apple Lossless Audio Codec (or simply Apple Lossless) and is a format that stores your music without losing any detail. The audio is still compressed like AAC, but the big difference is that it will be identical to the original source.

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FLAC and Apple lossless are good examples of the latter. No data will audio vs . AAC k VBR, the high-quality lossy codec used by iTunes. I ripped the same album in both AAC kbt and Apple lossless and listenend to chunks of tunes again and again side by side. I did blind. The AAC format is pretty good now so I don't mind using AAC. Will iTunes convert my ALAC music on my Mac to AAC on my iPhone. Will it sound less good if I convert it to Apple Lossless, that seems to take. be able to hear a difference between AAC and lossless?. While I could hear a difference between either [a] Kbps AAC (the so called iTunes+ format) or [b] Kbps (the highest available in iTunes 10) and the.

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20, 64, 96, 112, 128, 160 kbps vs. 320 KBPS

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