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Nov 27,  · Siri’s dictation feature has now been made publicly available in Cydia for the iPhone 4, and it actually works. Developer Eric Day has uploaded a jailbreak package entitled Siri0us. Day describes his tweak as “Siri dictation for your iOS 5 devices. No iPhone 4S keys/files required.” And believe it or not, the utility actually binifresh.com: Idb Staff. You lucky iPhone 4 S and 5 users have Siri and talk-to-text baked into your systems, but those of us with the iPhone 4 or 3GS have to look elsewhere for a similar function. And that's when I found Sara. Sara Dictation keyboard can be found in the Cydia store with a quick binifresh.com: Osas Obaiza. Apr 15,  · iPhone Turn Off Voice to Text on Keyboard. Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by pellets, Jan 26,

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VoiceActivator is the only way to customize iOS Voice Control. Add new Voice Control commands! (Select "Speak Text" for the Action for more information.). Terms of use. iPhone 4 and 3GS owners, this may be your lucky day. The hack, Siri0us, enables the voice transcription portion of Siri on these older devices. binifresh.com 3. Search Cydia for Siri0us (with a zero). 4. Dictation works great on the iPhone 4, transcribing words into text rather add binifresh.com to your list of Cydia sources and search for. 2) After you are done recording your voice message tap on the 'Record' button While this method is great for sending voice messages to friends the same steps Cydia. How To Remove Jailbreak Without Updating iOS Using Succession. If there's something great about OS X' default text-to-speech feature is that it's a perfect tool to scare people who don't know anything about it.

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iCoz for ActionMenu Tweak in Cydia for Voice Dictation iPhone 4

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