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i don't know the problem of the order # yup, pull of the alternator, repair it and put it back on. Job done:) Order 19 (might as well just tell you because it gave me hell) Run a computer scan in the front seat then replace all 4 spark plugs and the ignition wires with NEW ones and that should fix it. Jan 25,  · Hi guys, I am hopelessly stuck on Invoice/Order 27 - repair suspension. The mission goes on about this guy's wife driving on rough roads while following her GPS and he wants me to repair suspension. I have tried this twice already and everytime I replace all of the red parts the game does not let me continue, I have replaced the rear springs, the rear shock absorbers, bushings on the left side. Car Mechanic Simulator PS4 & Xbox One Release Details Car Mechanic Simulator Car List Below you can find the full Car Mechanic Simulator car list which features some of the world’s most popular and rare cars to be found, modified and sold.

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Order 24 - Royale Crown | Story orders Car Mechanic Simulator Guide with removing the timing components, then the engine head - Order 24 - Royale. Order 24 - Vulcan Spectre | Orders - Second garage Car Mechanic Simulator Begin the realization of the order with performing the test on diagnostics path.

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Car Mechanic Simulator 2014 - ORDER 24 - Full.

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