Web config not working iis 6

IIS URL Rewrite and binifresh.com Also -- make sure that URL Rewrite Module is installed (it is separate download = not bundled with IIS by default). GoDaddy binifresh.com URL Rewrite not working. 2. Creating a redirect from a different domain on the correct server with binifresh.com 3. Impersonation in binifresh.com web application does not work when running on IIS. "Kerberos does not work in a load-balanced architecture and IIS drops back to NTLM authentication. Because you cannot use NTLM for delegation, any applications or services that require delegation do not work. But anyway, this only configures the binifresh.com I do. Dec 20,  · IIS 7 has a lot of changes regarding the configuration model. Using the Integrated Configuration System in IIS 7 you can set configuration of your server on different levels, compared to IIS 6, where the binifresh.com developer were more restricted. Configuring IIS 7 from an binifresh.com Web Application’s binifresh.com file works from both binifresh.com and binifresh.com

• Web config not working iis 6 •

Canonical URL Issues In Microsoft Windows IIS 6 Windows IIS 7 webserver, URL redirect rules have been enabled in the binifresh.com file. custom error in web config working fine in local but when i deploy my application in iis 6 it is not working what is the problem here is web config. On Windows Clients the IIS configuration features can be If IIS is already installed right click on the Web Server. For information about how to do this, see the "Configuration When you request a file from an IIS Web server, and the file has a file name extension Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems that result if you incorrectly. NET 4 Web Application to work in IIS 6. I've put a location tag in the parent site binifresh.com file and told it not to inherit, but I still get the error.

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IIS Internet Information Services and binifresh.com Part 9

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