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Dec 19,  ·, Mobile. Apparently the color of the arrow is related to the color of the top bar. If in an app, the top bar is set to black, the color of the arrow is white. if it's set at grey, the color of the arrow is purple. Had me puzzled for a while until someone one of the iPhone developers I . Sep 04,  · If not, go to System Preferences>Keyboard>Keyboard, and make sure that Show Keyboard and Character Viewer in menu bar is checked. Then, click on the Keyboard viewer, and click on Show Character Viewer. You will see an option in the sidebar for "Arrows". Up Arrow emoji is the icon of the arrow, pointing up. It is often used in its direct meaning of “to go up”, “to rise”, “the upper floor”, “above”, and so on. However, not less popular is its indirect meaning of “to become better than before”, “to become more popular than before”, and all things like that.

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Yesterday I got an email from my cousin Jeremy asking me what the little arrow showing up in his iPhone status bar was. Jeremy is not the most. This feature was removed by Apple on all known iPhone screen sizes (" ( iPhone 6, 6s, 7, 8) as well as " inch (iPhone 6 Plus, 6s Plus. Click the icon in the top right corner of your mac that looks like the CMD Key And no, there is no up arrow in the keyboard emoji thingy. The arrow is a notifications that location services is being used. It will pop up occasionally (i.e., when using maps). If you see it often, you may want to track down. Do you see an arrow icon at the top of your screen? Your iPhone or iPad uses GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and mobile networks to obtain the most accurate location. For instance, you may set up location based reminders.

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