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The vast majority of flies, though, are benign or beneficial (e.g. many are important pollinators, decomposers and predators). Flies can be recognized by having only front wings, the hind pair being reduced to small knobs called halteres. These small, dark flies are among the most common insects . Oct 24,  · WING TYPES AND VENATION SSNAIK. Anal veins (A, 1A+2A, 3A) - either one vein A, or two veins 1A+2A, 3A. Humeral vein - Notice that the hind wing of most butterflies (except Lycaenidae) has the humeral vein. There is the enlargement of the humeral area of the hind wing which is overlapped with the fore wing. Forbes: Origin of Wings in Insects the known types of wing has some further specialization, and we can cite four of these, three still living and at least one wholly fossil; typified by the Odonata, the Orthoptera, the Holometabola and (let us say) binifresh.com by:

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On the basis of presence and absence of wings the insect kingdom is classified into Pterygotes and Apterygotes respectively. However certain forms of. Wings do not contain muscle. • Venation. Irregular network of veins found in primitive insects. Longitudinal veins with limited cross-veins common in many. species “inherited” a certain wing design from its ancestor, and evolutionary modifications must start from this inherited design). The earliest insects had four. MOUTH PARTS AND LEGS, WING VENATION, MODIFICATIONS AND WING COUPLING Insect body is differentiated into three distinct regions called head, thorax and This type is also called hemipteroid type or opisthorhychous. Head is. PDF | The size, shape and structure of insect wings are intimately linked to their Here we show a sampling of wing types and their resultant.

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Lecture 4: Types of Insect Head & antennae

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