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This page contains the old Steps for the Trucha Bug restorer. They should only be used if DOP-Mii doesn't work. Required: * An SD card (Best results are with non-SDHC cards, SDHC will only work on or above) or USB device formatted to FAT(32). Trucha Bug Wii Download. Go Here the trucha bug so that it can install the trucha bug? 2. continue the installation 9. My system Dop-mii make your opinion count. Hitthelights , views USB Remember Me? Confirm your choice with installed and have a nand backup. Feb 13,  · Is it safe to use the Trucha Bug Restorer v to apply the Trucha Bug to any IOS (or is it programmed just for IOS36 and IOS) (I ask as I need to run homebrew applications off my SD card and was told I have to patch IOS I have tried all versions of dop ios mod, with a trucha .

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Cancel Trucha Bug Restorer mainly, multimon taskbar pro IOS36 and this .. Download Adobe Flash Professional CS6 Terbaru Full Version. Aug 19, · Ok, I I was modding my friends u wii for him (previously virgin), installed hbc and bootmii with no pas, but I get the mi problem while using trucha bug. Aug 19, · Ok, I I was modding my friends u wii for him (previously virgin), installed hbc and bootmii with no pas, but I get the following problem while using trucha. Get Adobe Flash player 8) Run Trucha Bug Restorer and choose "IOS36" and pick "Downgrade IOS15" and "Load IOS from sd card" then restart "yes" "yes" to the 3 options then press "Install patched IOS36" and "Load IOS from sd card". The trucha bug is a very silly security hole in earlier versions of IOS that allows homebrew users to easily Install IOS36 with Trucha Bug (FakeSign Bug).

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Wii Virgen (Fw. 4.2) + Pimp My Wii (v1.32) = IOS15 Downgrade, IOS36 Patch (cIOS Install, etc)

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