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- Warrior, Archer, Sorceress 2nd job change completed. [Warrior] [Gladiator] Before Awakening, Gladiators dealt damage mostly in finish attack. So when the opponent’s HP was low, a high amount of damage could be dealt but damage was insufficient when opponent’s HP was high. Dragon Nest What Class to Play Guide by xanplease Dragon Nest currently has nine base classes or 1st job each with their own subclasses to specialize in. Those Each class has a 2nd job advancement at level 15 and a 3rd job advancement at level These advancements can be accessed through your class’s instructor. SORCERESS. Sorceress. May 30,  · Dragon Nest - Here is the showcase of Dragon Nest 2nd job change suits.. While Dragon Nest adds a persistent-world experience, it retains the unique characteristics of the original game, including strong narrative, extensive instanced gameplay, anti-grind design philosophy, and strong support for competitive play.

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Hi! I'm new to the game. Already level 25+ and loving it. Before I use the free skill reset scroll, which class should I specialize in? Pros, cons. At level 44, players can accept the 2nd job specialization quest from the remote quest tab in your quest list. Each character quest will be different. In between the . The Sorceress is a practitioner of magic and a master of fire, ice and dark the seriousness of the situation and will constantly slack during her jobs, or even try. Upon job advancement, you will receive an item that allows you to reset your skills. This item expires after 7 days. 'Beware. In the end of the dungeon, you will see Sorcerer Karahan. This is the place where you can test out both path's 2nd job skill. You can try out.

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Combo PVP Terbaik Sorceress [Elemental Lord] di Dragon Nest M - Dragon Nest Mobile Indonesia

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