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TextInput - AS3 Flex. To conceal the input text by displaying asterisks instead of the characters entered, you set the displayAsPassword property to true. The TextInput control is used as a subcomponent in several other controls, such as the RichTextEditor, . TextField - AS3. As you enter text characters in the first text field, the textInput event is dispatched, the textInputHandler () handler is called, and the characters display in the second text field. When you paste a block of text into the input field, the event handler copies the entire block into the other field. Jan 09,  · Working with AS3 Input Text Fields = "input"; So now that we've set the type to "input", let's go ahead and test the movie. binifresh.comine = true; Now, if you test the movie again, you should see = inputField; So now when you test the movie, the focus will Author: Tuts

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How do you set focus in Flash ActionScript 3 (AS3)? TextField; import INPUT; = true; addChild(exampleTextField); var. The TextInput component is a single-line text component that contains a native When the TextInput component is disabled, it cannot receive input from mouse. You can add input text fields to your Flash movie in order to allow text-based interaction from your users. An input text field is one that accepts. Creating Input text fields, using TextEvent and FocusEvent, FOCUS_IN, is an ActionScript 3 method used to detect events in the Flash presentation. Playing with Text in AS3. By Blue_Chi | Flash CS3 | ActionScript | Beginner You should be able to create a text field, change its color and attributes.

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Flash CS6: Input and Dynamic Text

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