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Jul 22,  · cummins I6 vs. powerstroke V8. the circumference of the cylinder heads on the 6 cylinders is greater than the circumference of the cylinder heads of the In other words the I6 cummins heads have more displacement. Jan 13,  · Re: V8 vs I6 swap options First let address the V8 vs. the I6: I6 - better gas mileage, more room in the engine compartment for other goodies, will work with current transmission and transfer case. V8 - more horse power and torque, depending on the size tire you run will need a better rear end, less fuel mileage. Oct 15,  · Re: Inline 6 vs V8 # - 10/15/02 PM When speaking of the size of the journals, one needs to keep in mind that an inline 6 has a crank that is a third longer that that of a V8.

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E60 Discussion - Sound of an I6 v. V8 - Bmw is one car that I have always thought made the coolest sound with their I6's. Now aside from all the. Inline 6 vs. V8. InspireSiR. , PM. I was over on binifresh.com and there was a . But then there is the sound of a BMW I6 I am only 19 and I can. The straight-six engine or inline-six engine is an internal combustion engine with the cylinders . Exceptions to the shift to V engines include BMW, which specializes in Manufacturers began to replace V8 engines with straight-6 engines and V6 Mercedes-Benz announced a return to inline-6 engines in October Even though the I6 displacement is.4 lower than the v8 in-game, I6 all the way, mainly just because of the terrible sounds that V8s make. Explore the inherent differences between inline 6 and V-8 diesel engines, Engine Balance - I6 vs. V8. The internal balance of an engine is divided into two .

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Ultimate engine revving sound comparison (4-5-6 cyl, flat-6, V6, V8, V10, V12, wankel)

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