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How to use Hibernate HQL and AVG-Function in MySQL. but that wasn't the problem as grouping by one column works very well. I figured out that the problem was, that the AVG()-function changes the type of binifresh.comime into a Double value. That's why it couldn't locate an appropriate constructor. In this article, you’ll learn how to configure Spring Boot to use PostgreSQL database and build a RESTful CRUD API for Employee Management binifresh.com: Ramesh Fadatare. This API is less stable than the Core API. The safest way to extend functionality is to contribute extensions back to the project; that way extensions will be updated when the Extension API changes. Full Hibernate documentation may be found at binifresh.com

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Documentation - Other versions User Guide. Guide covering most user facing concepts and APIs of Hibernate JavaDoc. The Hibernate JavaDocs. binifresh.comate, This package defines the central Hibernate APIs. binifresh.comate. cache, This package defines API of the Hibernate second level cache service. Documentation - Other versions Guide covering most user facing concepts and APIs of Hibernate. Domain Model JavaDoc. The Hibernate JavaDocs. Upgrade to Querydsl 4, Hibernate 5, OpenJPA , and EclipseLink is supported across all Spring Data modules supporting the repository API. information, such as the average distance to a reference location. Use this reference documentation as your primary source of information. Consider reading. [JPwH] if you need This approach uses a minimal subset of Hibernate APIs. select avg(binifresh.com), sum(binifresh.com), max(binifresh.com), count(cat).

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Documenting RESTful APIs with Spring REST Docs - Jenn Strater

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