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I'm not familiar with frame-sequential 3D, but as a long time fan of 3D torrents, I can tell you I've never seen one available in that format. That said, I have seen 3D Bluray ISOs, which are lossless copies of the discs (and present the 3D in frame-packed MVC format) and have superior 3D when compared to over-under and side-by-side. Oct 14,  · True, frame sequential is not a HDMI a 3D display format it is format for outputing 3D p video content developed years ago by Nvidia for 3D games to 3D capable displays. that can refresh at fps(60fps per eye) and which used Active Shutter Ssabripo. Jul 29,  · For anyone else that may be interested, I have just learned that the PS3 Sequential Frame format in the above linked video uses the same standard frame packing SEI (45) as x does. The only difference is the PS3 stream has the SEI before every frame (with current_frame_is_frame0 flag set for every other frame) while x only inserts the Author: Imagic.

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Before buy MEDX3D. I read 3D Video: Full 3D/3D BD ISO/Side By Side/Top & Bottom/Frame Sequential/Frame Packing MAX. 3D Ready DLP Projector can only receive Hz frame sequential format 3D format (SBS-H/TAB/FP) video can't be view in 3D ready DLP. To display Side-by-Side 3D, a 3D TV will have to split the frame into its left and the set native screen resolution and displayed in a Frame Sequential manner - a . to form a single 3D image as further explained in the short video clip above. Sequential transmission to sequential display Side by side the video is sent out of the player at p 24 frames per second, per eye; or With DLP Link glasses you are good to watch 3D videos with the help of any software player capable of outputting 3D in frame sequential mode.

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