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Configure currency converter widget for your site or blog, choose multiple currencies, color schemes, size, etc. Convert simultaniously from and to several currencies. Some people think they will need to make major changes to their website in order to find room for a currency converter. But this just isn't the case. In reality a currency converter is one of the quickest and easiest additions you could put on a website or a blog. Embeddable Currency Converter Widget. Embed the Converter Widget in your website, and get access to the power of OANDA. Currency Converter by OANDA Currency Converter Embeddable Widget. Copy this widget into your page to give your visitors access to over currencies! Frequently Asked Questions. Why would I add this to my site?.

• Currency converter embed code s •

Follow these 3 easy steps to generate the XE Currency Converter widget code. Simply add the generated code to your website, and start syndicating our rates. Currency Converter Widget - Add to your site - Currency Converter Widget - FX To add the displayed widget to your website, copy the code below and paste it. Get our FREE currency converter embedded on your website. Just copy and paste the piece of js/html code and you have it. Rates updated every 10 seconds, . Real time Currency Converter widget, which can be customized according to your choice of color and currency. Exchange rates for approximately + currencies, including bitcoin, gold, silver, etc.;; Compact size and auto-width;; Color themes; All you need is to copy HTML-code and simply paste it to your site or blog! Default Currency Codes. From.

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