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May 24,  · Latest OS / (All Languages) Software For BlackBerry® Torch™ smartphone This will install on any carrier's model by following the directions below. I'm waiting for the Blackberry OS. Rogers sure is taking their time with their official release. I'd prefer to download it officially from the carrier. They shouldn't be taking this long to push out updates, especially on Blackberry's where things need to be fixed . Oct 10,  · Question! I upgraded to and it's been running fine. I only have one problem Basically for a month or so now my friends and I have had this multiperson chat running in BBM. However, after I upgraded, this chat just disappeared. The rest of BBM is working fine and I still have all other chats.

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Official: OS for the BlackBerry Torch from Rogers Wireless Inc. A new official OS for the BlackBerry Torch from Rogers Wireless Inc. is. When is Rogers going to get off their ass and officially release OS for this device? The downside of using another carriers version OS. Rogers is rounding out all their BlackBerry devices with OS Last week tehy updated the Curve update to v and now the. It was a pleasant surprise to see that is FINALLY available to Roger's customers and that the notification appeared when I fired up BB. And I get that by snuffing out RIMs OS upgrade with hotspot integration is necessary to prolong Rocket sticks existence. But Rogers, If.

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Rogers BlackBerry Curve 8520 Unboxed and Hardware Review

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