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The games home version, a close port of Sega's Saturn-derived Titan arcade board, offers real-time weather and course conditions based on the systems own internal clock--presumably meaning that if Author: Gamesradar Staff. Jan 09,  · It’s another pricey Saturn game, though. Elevator Action Returns Released: Taito’s sequel to its popular arcade game was a marked improvement and particularly good on Sega’s console. It’s a wonderfully slick run-and-gun with gritty looking visuals, well . The Best Sega Saturn Games For Today: Top Titles That Still Matter NiGHTS into Dreams. Panzer Dragoon Saga. Radiant Silvergun and Many Other 2D Shooters. Street Fighter Alpha 3 Many Other 2D Fighters. Guardian Heroes. Saturn Bomberman. Shining Force III. Shining The Holy Ark.

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I would like some recommendations as to what saturn games you'd all now for some games which were released outside of Japan. Sega Worldwide Soccer 98 (much better then that lousy mess called Fifa98 on the Saturn); Worms. For Sega Saturn on the Saturn, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "What are some of the best Saturn Imports? available cheaper in Japan either, BTW ( like Panzer Dragoon Saga, It goes for idk $ good game!!. Numerous excellent games were released for the Sega Saturn, the game was developed independently from the license in Japan, then the. There's so much choice that a top twenty was the absolute minimum I could especially if you're including the many Japan-only titles (which I am) that NiGHTS was in many ways SEGA's flagship game for the Saturn, and. Complete Copy: $29The Sega Saturn is one of the best consoles for fans most of the best shmups on the system were only availible in Japan.

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