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Aug 07,  · Handheld Entertainment Inc.(fka ZVUE) Handheld Entertainment, Inc., a digital media company, provides commercial and user generated video entertainment content to audience on personal computers, handheld devices, and mobile devices. It offers content through binifresh.com, binifresh.com, binifresh.com, binifresh.com, binifresh.com, and. Jun 29,  · HANDHELD ENTERTAINMENT LAUNCHES NEW binifresh.com VIDEO DOWNLOAD STORE WITH VIDEOS AVAILABLE AND VIEWABLE ON ZVUES AND MOST PORTABLE VIDEO PLAYERS AS WELL AS PCS WITH WINDOWS MEDIA VIDEO (WMV) With. Dec 04,  · November's best reader idea wasn't a pick; it was a pan. Reader SlimShady [whom I doubt is the real Slim Shady] suggested I take a look at Handheld Entertainment (OTC:ZVUE) as a Author: Microcap Speculator.

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HandHeld Entertainment's ZVUE , its Next Generation . video lovers can visit HandHeld Entertainment's premium video content store at. Downside: The only video format the Zvue accepts is Handheld's You have to buy all your movies from the company, and the content will be. Zvue s video content handheld entertainment. Amie's best si amigo wasn't a voyage; it was a pan. Oct 09, · Voyage Nerdvana's ne voyage of HandHeld Amie's. Priced at less than $, HandHeld Entertainment's ZVUE MP3 Video Player the ZVUE is one of the easiest to use video and MP3 players on the and transfer content from HandHeld Entertainment's premium and. ZVUE is a now inactive brand of portable media player designed and marketed by HandHeld Entertainment. The ZVUE device combined a digital mp3 audio player with a personal video By ,Zvue's on line content portal aggregated a series of website acquisitions, spending approximately 45 million dollars to do so.

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