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Feb 05,  · Collinearity and stepwise VIF selection. The mvrnorm function (MASS package) was used to create the data using a covariance matrix from the genPositiveDefMat function (clusterGeneration package). These functions provide a really simple approach to creating data matrices with arbitrary correlation structures. Jul 11,  · Variance Inflation factor. Hi All, I need to calculate VIF (variance inflation factor) for my linear regression model. I found there was a function named vif in 'HH' package. I have two. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

• Vif function in r package •

As a rule of thumb, a VIF value that exceeds 5 or 10 indicates a The R function vif() [car package] can be used to detect multicollinearity in a. This method can be used to deal with multicollinearity problems when you fit statistical Not run: file package="usdm") r. vif(mod, ) # S3 method for default vif(mod, ) # S3 method for merMod Documentation reproduced from package car, version , License: GPL (>= 2) . (This article was first published on R is my friend» R, and kindly contributed to Several packages in R provide functions to calculate VIF: vif in. Package 'VIF'. February 19, Version Date Title VIF Regression: A Fast Regression Algorithm For Large Data. Author Dongyu Lin.

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10.6 Multicollinearity in timeseries using RStudio

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