Skill calculator tree of savior

Tree Of Savior Skill Simulator. 1Add classes or increases they ranks with left click until rank 8. 2Increase or decrease skill levels by left, middle and right click. 3Verify that you're not a robot with reCAPTCHA. 4Click on GENERATE LINK and share by copy/paste the obtained link where you want. Full CON, half STR, a little bit of love for SPR, aggro those bosses, lure them to the corner of the wall, hold the aggro then chill, let those DPS do the rest, oh.. and help others. Build your favorite skill builds and share them.

• Skill calculator tree of savior •

[포인트광고] 48포인트를 소모하여 2일간 광고를 표시할 수 있습니다. [point ad] Use 48 points to show ads at the top for 2 days. A Tree Of Savior skill tree simulator for create, discuss and share your ToS skill builds with your friends and with the community!. We would like to introduce a fan-made DB/skill simulator for TOS, created by rjgtav. For more details, check out the announcement on our. Tree of Savior Skill Simulator. Skill Planner. Stat Points. Swordsman. Wizard. Archer. Cleric. Scout. Level, STR, CON, INT, SPR, DEX. HP. SP. HP Recovery. This is an open-source database for Tree of Savior, a game being developed Currently, a Skill Simulator is available, making use of the in-game formulas to.

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Onmyoji - Skills & Attributes Demonstration|Tree of Savior

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