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Broadcast Spray Nozzles; Boomless Spray Nozzles; Banding Spray Nozzles; Specialty Nozzles; Fertilizer Spray Nozzles; Tank Rinsing Nozzles; Boom Components; Valves and Manifolds; Strainers; Calculator ABSC Savings Calculator; Calibration Calculator; Welcome to ›Calculator. Search Search Site Pages Search Technical. The below Tip Calculator will allow you to figure your desired Gallons Per Minute per Nozzle. This information is useful when looking at a nozzle rate chart and viewing the "Capacity One Nozzle In GPM". Each nozzle has a Download Tip Chart link located on the bottom of the description. Nozzles Area of replacement, minimum design metal temperature, minimum neck thickness, weld strength, minimum weld size, large nozzle and hillside calculations. Flanges Required thickness, MAWP and code-defined stresses using ASME Section VIII - Appendices 2 and Y for stress and rigidity calculations. Nozzle Loads.

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My question, can I utilize NozzlePRO software for these evaluations, prove the computer results, my recommendation is that you warm up your calculator and to validate the pressure design and comply with the Code rules. Nozzlepro Manual and Faq - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read book online for Compare with B31 Piping Code Stress Calculation. We follow many international codes and standards to design and validate pressure AutoPIPE Vessel / Microprotol; FEPipe / NozzlePRO; Finglow; CAESEAR II. c) Using NozzlePRO allowable loads in FEATools automatically via FEATools. Multiple and if available the engineer is advised by the code to use “more applicable data”. The course will also explain the new SIF and flexibility calculation. QA/QC for this new capability to be available in NozzlePRO™ and FEPipe™. Branch and Run Side Sustained Stress Index Calculation; Ratcheting for various load combinations; Plastic Unloading to Analysis & the Codes.

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