Mbie annual report 2014/15

Annual Report – Page 3 From the Mayor and CEO This year has seen important progress on our two large projects – the Harbour and the Upgrade of the Sewerage reticulation. Annual Report /15 for the Arts Council of New Zealand Toi Aotearoa (Creative New Zealand), year ending 30 June The report has information on our role and environment, the year in review, and organisational and financial performance. /15 were shelved, curtailed or pushed into out years and for each, what was the project name, what was the total budgeted cost, what is the actual cost to date, what was its purpose and why it was it not completed in /15? There were no projects or contracts signed in /15 and due to be completed in /15 that were.

• Mbie annual report 2014/15 •

REANNZ ANNUAL REPORT 1. RESEARCH AND EDUCATION .. and Employment (MBIE) to provide advanced network services for the. MBIE. – Regional Partners. NZTE ANNUAL REPORT / . 2 We introduced a new benchmark in /15, known as the 'NZ Goods & Services Exports. for New Zealand, we have organised this part of the annual report into . MBIE Annual Report / ACTUAL. $ NON-. Electricity Authority Annual Report / 1. ANNUAL REPORT / FOR THE PERIOD. 1 JULY .. Sources: NZIER; Statistics NZ; MBIE. Annual Report. A AR () binifresh.com business-growth-agenda/ towards The result for this.

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Annual Report 2014 - 2015: Metta School

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